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You Deserve Better Credit.

Credit Repair

We remove inaccurate and unverifiable accounts on your credit to help improve your scores.

Credit Audit

Get a comprehensive analysis of your entire 3 bureau credit report with a custom action plan.

Credit Coaching

Customized coaching gives you actionable, prioritized steps to work on each month to get your scores moving up.

Credit Education

Find out how to get your scores moving up consistently and how to use your credit to keep the scores from fluctuating up and down.


We believe in quality credit repair.

Rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau, we have the highest possible ranking in the industry. 

Credit Repair

We help narrow down your debts to see exactly what you legally owe, saving you time and money.

Credit Consulting

We help you prioritize your debts to see exactly what you should be working on each month.


How Our Credit Repair and Restoration Works

Review Credit Reports

We will pull up your free credit reports and do a full audit of your credit to see what you need.

Work With Your Lender and/or Realtor

If you are preparing for financing, making sure you have a team working together on your behalf is paramount. We will work with your lender and realtor to keep everyone on the same page.

Full Credit Evaluation

Once you get started you will receive a full credit evaluation outlining what we will be doing for you as well as what you should be working on.

Credit Coaching

Getting negative items removed from the credit report is helpful, but will not guarantee a good credit score. Learning how to build good credit is what guarantees a good score. We step you through exactly what to do to get your scores moving up.

Disputes With The Credit Bureaus

We dispute all negative items on the credit report at once, every 45 days. This greatly decreases the amount of time the process takes.

Watch The Progress

As we dispute, and you complete the items we give you to do, you will see your credit scores start climbing! Watching the forward progress is the best part of the process!

AImagine a life with better credit and more options


Learn how we can help you

Credit Audit

Credit Repair

Credit Coaching


Have Questions?

If you are shopping around for a reputable credit repair company, there are three things you need to be aware of:

  • Never use a company that charges up front fees.  It is illegal to charge up front for credit repair.  This is why we give you a two week free trial with every new membership.
  • Make sure ALL negative items are worked on at once. Most credit repair companies select only one item, or sometimes a few items to work on at once.  This can significantly impact the length of time it takes to get you to your goal.  Credit Dusters works on ALL negative accounts at once because our business philosophy is to get you to a great score as soon as possible so you will want to send us everyone you know!
  • DO NOT use a credit repair company that does not provide credit coaching.  Getting negative items removed off the credit report is helpful but does not guarantee a great credit score.  Learning how to build a strong foundation to your credit and how to use your credit in a positive way is equally important to removal of negative items.  This is a BIG focus for our Credit Dusters Team.  We want you to be successful for life, not just while you are with us. This is why we focus heavily on coaching and education.

When we contact you for your free consultation, we will ask you to provide your login credentials to pull up your Credit Karma account and go over the report with you.  Please have this information ready for your consult call (and if you are having trouble logging in, don’t worry! We’ll help you troubleshoot).

We include a 3-bureau report and scores with your membership. Upon enrollment we will register you for this service.  Pulling these reports do not hurt your scores or cost you any extra fees.

It is not required that you do the free consult.  If you know you want to get started, just sign up and we’ll still send you a full initial credit evaluation which will outline everything you need to know about why your credit scores are low, what we will be working on for you, and what you need to start working on.

The free consult is designed to show you exactly what is keeping your credit scores low and what we recommend you start working on.  We will give you an estimated time frame on how long it will take to get you to your goal scores and a road map for moving forward.  You will find amazing benefit in completing the free consult!

Plan on 20 minutes for us to go over your credit report with you and see what you need.  If you are a couple, plan on 40 minutes.

We take safety and privacy very seriously.  Your information will never be shared outside our organization without your verbal permission. 

Examples of times you might give permission for information to shared are:  1) if you have a partner you want us to keep updated on your progress, 2) if you are working with a lender and/or realtor that you want updated on your progress, 3) if we are working with an outside attorney on litigation against the credit bureaus

The only fee you will pay associated with our services is the monthly membership fee.  We may recommend you pay off debts, but we will not ask for any money directly other than the monthly membership fee.

No, we do not require contracts. We are a membership-based service, which means you work with us on a monthly basis and can cancel anytime for any reason. 


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What Clients Say

Darren Baker
Darren Baker
Credit dusters were awesome. Explained the process very well and the strategy to help with my credit scores. I’m excited to get moving with the process. Highly recommended
Richard Weaver
Richard Weaver
Laura with credit dusters is awesome she helped me so much cleaning my credit up. Her expertise was greatly valued and help me get on the right track, so much so that I am purchasing a home. I would highly recommend her to anyone that’s has a few bumps on their credit she is great to work with and very friendly and helpful.. I can’t thank her enough!!!!!!!!