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Credit Dusters

Experience you can trust.

Credit Dusters has been in business since late 2006 and has provided credit repair and coaching services to clients nationwide.

We are a small town firm with a personal touch and customer service provided by Laura and her team.  We want to help you achieve your financial goals and in as quick a timeframe as possible.

Because of this we are almost entirely referral based!  Our goal is to provide such excellent service that you would never dream of referring anyone anywhere but Credit Dusters.  And this is how we have operated for almost a decade. 

What Our Clients Say

"If you need any help at all disputing any claims or just need help rebuilding your credit, this is definitely the place to go! These people help clean up credit for a living and are very good at what they do.They will keep you posted on any changes with your credit and advise you on how you can best help your scores go up. They take a lot of pride in their work and supply their expertise at a very reasonable rate. They helped my score climb over a hundred points in just a few months, thanks Credit Dusters!"

Daniel L.

"I have personally used this company and have referred them to my clients. Great customer service & helps people to repair their credit the right way. "

Holli T.

"This company was amazing , I never expected to get such great results. Was worth every penny !!! "

Stephanie B.

What Makes Us Different

There are many credit repair companies out there, and some of them do good business.  So what sets Credit Dusters apart from the rest?

We do not charge large fees up front.  Did you know the federal government forbids credit repair companies to charge up front?  This is because there are so many unethical companies in this industry who take a lump sum of money and you never hear from them again (or at best, sporadically).  Credit Dusters charges only $1 for the first month of service, and this is just to verify your debit card is active.  This means I am proving my worth to you up front so you will have the confidence to stay.  And my customers do.

We provide coaching.  Even if a credit repair company provides decent services in terms of getting items deleted from your credit report, did you know that doesn't always significantly raise your scores?  This is because your scores are tied to the positive elements of your credit, not the negative.  We also provide services to help you build positive credit that will increase your scores, in addition to getting derogatory items removed.  It is this combination that is the magic bullett of our system.

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